Past Chaos

New Beginnings and Happy Endings!

February 27, 2023 April Kirk & Roy Farner Season 4 Episode 168
Past Chaos
New Beginnings and Happy Endings!
Past Chaos
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Show Notes

Welcome to Season 4!  It's been a LONG time coming, and worth the wait.  
This week, there are some new things happening on Past Chaos.  We have a new co-host joining the show.  When one door closes, another door opens.  

April got a new job and is entering a new phase of life and she couldn't be happier.  
BIG NEWS - Roy has joined the conversation!  April asks if he was scared when he decided to marry a woman that already had 2 daughters and an ex-husband.  Find out 
Roy's shocking response that left April a little speechless.

Do you ever worry that you're not getting it right when it comes to parenting?  Is education important?  What is your biggest regret when raising your kids?
Listen to this week's episode to find out all these answers and so much more!

Don't forget, you can now stream Season 1 of "You, Me, & My Ex" on Discover+.

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