Past Chaos

Were We Good Parents?

March 06, 2023 April Kirk & Roy Farner Season 4 Episode 169
Past Chaos
Were We Good Parents?
Past Chaos
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Show Notes

This season of Past Chaos is coming in hot!  Thank you for the love you have shown us with all the new changes.  We appreciate it so much!
BIG NEWS...our TLC show, "You, Me, & My Ex" was renewed for a Season 2.  The show will premiere April 17th at 9pm on TLC!
Last week April and Roy pondered whether or not they were good parents.  This week, their two oldest daughters, Hayli and Taylar, join April to answer that question.
First things first, what do April's and Roy's daughters think of their parents being on a Reality T.V. show?
Also, what do Hayli and Taylar really think about being raised in a blended family dynamic?  Do they agree with what April and Roy thought were their biggest mistakes as parents?
Find out why April threatens to ground Hayli for a confession she made about her teenage years.  The girls discuss what they feel their parents got right in their eyes and if they have any childhood trauma caused by their mom and dad.
Hayli and Taylar discuss which piece of advice they would give parents raising kids in a blended family, based on their experience as children of a blended family.
Listen to all this and so much more on this week's episode of Past Chaos.

Don't forget, you can also stream Season 1 of "You, Me, & My Ex" on Discovery+. 

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