Past Chaos

Do Other People's Opinions Matter

March 27, 2023 April Kirk & Hayli Gibson Season 4 Episode 171
Past Chaos
Do Other People's Opinions Matter
Past Chaos
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Show Notes

We are feeling better after a stomach bug wreaked havoc on most of our family!  This week, April's son-in-law gives the podcast a review.  That opened up a whole can of chaos.  It made us think, why do we mostly review things we don't like instead of making sure people know when they are doing something good?
There have been a lot of unforeseen changes lately with the podcast.  Since they weren't planned, we picked up the pieces and moved on.  After all, the show must go on!
We started this podcast to shed a positive light on coparenting and blended families.  Even though the show has evolved into much more, that will still be our focus.  We have come too far to let one negative opinion overshadow the thousands of positive ones.
Hayli spits some knowledge about an important life lesson she learned growing up.  And April confesses why announcing Season 2 of "You, Me, & My Ex" has given her some anxiety.
The ladies dive deep into why other people's opinions of us should not matter.  Listen as these women talk about spreading more love and kindness instead of hate and negativity.

Don't forget - Season 2 of "You, Me, & My Ex" will premiere on April 17th at 9pm on TLC.  You can catch up by watching Season 1 on Discovery +.

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