Past Chaos

Great EX-pectations

April 24, 2023 April Kirk & Hayli Gibson Season 4 Episode 173
Past Chaos
Great EX-pectations
Past Chaos
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Show Notes

Are you ready for some EX-tra Chaos!  April and Hayli dive in to the Season 2 premier of "You, Me & My Ex".
After a wild weekend of full mom-mode - soccer tournaments and prom night, April gives details about her trip to Florida for the premier party.
In episode one, we meet a new group - Elodie, De'Andre, and Rowan.  De'Andre's mom is still rooting for him to get back together with Rowan.  But Elodie is here to show everyone who is in charge!
Next up is Alex, Caroline, and Stephen!  Caroline and Alex share some very EX-citing news!  However, Stephen is not thrilled.
Last but not least, the chaos crew - April, John, Loren, and Roy.
April gives an inside look into what was really going on the day of the interview.  Listen to this and so much more on this week's episode!

Don't forget to tune in every Monday night at 9pm on TLC for all the EX-citement!

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