Past Chaos

Un-EX-pected News

May 05, 2023 April Kirk & Caroline Hines Season 4 Episode 174
Past Chaos
Un-EX-pected News
Past Chaos
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Show Notes

Are you ready for some more EX-tra Chaos?
Here is your recap of "You, Me & My Ex" Season 2 Episode 2!  April is joined by special guest host - Caroline Hines.
This episode is a little late because April received some terrible news last week.  Her grandmother passed away, so she rushed back home to Tennessee to be with her family.  Things are getting back to her version of "normal", and the ladies are getting caught up with the drama.
In episode one, we meet a new group - Chelsea, Matt, and Kenzie.  Chelsea is the ex-girlfriend of Matt.  Matt decides to let his ex move in with him and his current girlfriend, Kenzie. 
Elodie, De'Andre, and Rowan are causing heads to shake when De'Andre drips the bomb that his ex, Rowan, has invited him on a tropical island vacation.  Meanwhile, Elodie is none too thrilled.
Meanwhile, in the ATL,  Stephen has decided he is the perfect choice for the godfather of Alex and Caroline's baby.  Caroline had two thoughts - throw the table or walk away.  She chose the right side of the law.
We move over to April, John, Loren, and Roy.
April's oldest daughter gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, and Papa Gator gets to come home and meet him - fresh out of the womb!  But John decides to rain on the joyful parade.  But don't worry, he got April something real nice - a parting gift...a bird with no feathers.
On down to Florida, we catch up with Jennifer, Chantel, Danielle, and Josh.  We learn what a 'Peter Bug" is, but don't worry - they don't bite...too hard!  The family has some big news to share with everyone at baby Camilla's 1st birthday party.
Listen to this and so much more on this episode of Past Chaos.

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