Past Chaos

Waiting To EX-hale

May 09, 2023 April Kirk & Caroline Hines Season 4 Episode 175
Past Chaos
Waiting To EX-hale
Past Chaos
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Show Notes

Are you ready for some more EX-tra Chaos?
Here is your recap of "You, Me & My Ex" Season 2 Episode 3!  April is joined again by special guest host - Caroline Hines.

This week, we start off with Matt, Kenzie, and Chelsea.  Matt drops the bomb to Chelsea that Kenzie's parents are coming over for a BBQ.  No need to unpack your bags, Chelsea, you need to go to an awkward dinner so Matt can throw you to the wolves.
In Florida, De'Andre and Elodie are chilling by the pool.  De'Andre informs Elodie that she will be meeting his mom...and Rowan - his ex - at the SAME time.

Moving on to a very different Florida, Jennifer, Chantal, Josh, and Danielle have just divulged some shocking news to their families.  They have all decided to move in together!  One of them is not on board.  Meanwhile, their extended family have so many opinions and are not afraid to speak up about it!

Over in North Carolina, April, Loren, Roy and John are heading to Tanner's soccer game.  This is the first time April is seeing John since "bird gate".
April explains her feelings and reactions to the shit show.
Listen to this and so much more on this episode of Past Chaos.

Don't forget to tune in every Monday night at 9pm on TLC for all the EX-citement!

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