Past Chaos

What To EX-pect

May 19, 2023 April Kirk & Caroline Hines Season 4 Episode 176
Past Chaos
What To EX-pect
Past Chaos
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Show Notes

Are you ready for some more EX-tra Chaos?
Here is your recap of "You, Me & My Ex" Season 2 Episode 4!  April is joined again by special guest host - Caroline Hines.

We start out with Matt, Kenzie, & Chelsea.  Matt discusses the pressure of getting engaged, and maybe he had a poor choice of words to describe the situation.
We find out that three is a crowd when it comes to blow-up yard pools.
Still, Chelsea was living her best life and showing off her "breast" assets.
However, even the kiddie pool wasn't enough to cool Kenzie down!

Down in Florida, things are heating up for De'Andre, Elodie, & Rowan.
Elodie has decided she is joining De'Andre and Rowan on their island vacation.
De'Andre thinks it is a good idea to introduce Elodie to his mom...and his ex, Rowan at the same time.  This lunch was full of wrong names, boobie talk, and tough questions.

Over in the ATL, Alex, Caroline, & Steve are coming in hot!  Why is Caroline's mom. so upset about her unplanned pregnancy?  What's the real story behind the "bread-winner" comment?  And were the parents-to-be really that unprepared for their new bundle of joy?

Listen to this and so much more on your weekly dose of EX-tra Chaos!

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