Past Chaos

You're Gonna Need To EX-plain

May 25, 2023 April Kirk & Caroline Hines Season 4 Episode 177
Past Chaos
You're Gonna Need To EX-plain
Past Chaos
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Show Notes

It's time for more EX-tra Chaos?
Here is your recap of "You, Me & My Ex" Season 2 Episode 5!  April is joined again by special guest host - Caroline Hines.

We open up with De'Andre and his jewelry line party it.  He admits maybe he wasn't at his best when he was with Rowan, and that's why he wants her to be included in his success now. 
Rowan admits it bothers her a bit that De'Andre didn’t do some of the things he does with Elodie, when they were dating.  At the party, De'Andre is eager to introduce everyone to his ex...but what about Elodie - his actual girlfriend? 

In Tennessee, the tension is high and the respect is low.  Matt takes Chelsea to pick up her vehicle from the shop.  On the way, they make a pit-stop to the bar where they had their first day.
Kenzie is at home stewing over the fact the Matt hasn't completed his honey-do list.
Matt reveals to Chelsea that he wants to propose to Kenzie.  However, Chelsea doesn't think he is ready.

 It's moving day down in Florida!  Josh, Danielle, Jennifer, and Chantal are moving into one giant house.  Everyone seems happy...except for Chantal.  
Things are already off to a rough start when Jennifer and Chantal can't remember the last time they were intimate.
It gets a little tense when it's time to pick rooms.  Why doesn't Chantal want her room to be near Josh and Danielle?

Emotions are high in the ATL!
Steve is planning Alex's "dad-chelor" party.  Caroline has only one rule - NO strippers.
Alex becomes emotional as he talks about not wanting to fully let go of Steve.  He also  worries about the potential aspect of explaining his relationship with Steve to his son.  Caroline becomes upset that she is forced to listen to Alex reminisce about his ex.  

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