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Business Health Check

September 24, 2019 Episode 11
3PHASE Radio
Business Health Check
3PHASE Radio
Business Health Check
Sep 24, 2019 Episode 11
Jeffrey Mort
Does your company have cancer? Most do and don’t even know it!
Show Notes

Company cancer is from toxic personalities and poor leadership. 
Leaders: ask for the raw honest truth on how each person FEELS about your company.

Most organizations are operating with a 5% to 10% productivity drag that better leadership practices could eliminate. Gallup's 2013 State of the American Workplace Report indicates that 50% of employees are disengaged, and 20% show their discontent in counterproductive ways, negatively influencing their coworkers, missing days on the job, and driving customers away through poor service.

Owners, employers, CEOs, and COOs: start listening.  Throw on some work boots, jeans, and a t-shirt and get out there and get to know your people face to face. Not with an entourage of C-suite executives, human resources representatives, or a compliance consultant. Just you. 

Employees: discover tips to effectively handle a toxic leader or manager without looking like a whiner.



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