Fare of the Free Child

Ep 244: There is Real Power in the Pause tho!

March 24, 2022 Akilah S. Richards Season 8 Episode 244
Fare of the Free Child
Ep 244: There is Real Power in the Pause tho!
Show Notes

Season 8 is here and we are kickin’ it with the homie, Domari Dickinson of Positive and Purposeful Parenting. She is our co-producer for the season, and we’re in alignment about the need to spend all season on the importance of slowing down, and pausing.

We’ve got invitations, resources, and some songs too! We are so grateful to you all #fofcpod fam and Make it Happen family for your love and connection throughout this journey. Our team got some rest, and we’re back with this focus, so we hope y’all ready to get and do this PAUSEcast werk!

If you want to get familiar (or re-familiar) with Domari’s dopeness, listen to Episode 185: Parenting Paradigm Shifts in Black Families.

Here’s what to expect this season...

We are working on being more mindful about the ways we show up for ourselves. So this season, we invite your consent to show up as you are, slow down, and feel into the ups and downs of this 70-day pause journey.

Starting next week, each letter in PAUSE will get our full attention with two episodes each: - the first episode will bring you into the work with a story, a song, or a skit; the second episode will be live, and we’ll invite you to play and struggle through that aspect of pause.


  • P is for Pain Points: What’s the matter? What took you here? What's hurting them? What’s coming up for you and your relationship with yourself or your family?
  • A is for absences: What’s missing? What feels lost or otherwise missing from your relevant relationships?
  • U is for understanding: dialogue as a practice; conscious parenting; how have you been operating as a parent or educator? Under what premises?
  • S for sorting or shedding: What’s good for your family and what might need releasing or re-imagining?
  • E for exploration: what are some resources you can tap into, based on where you are right now?

Then we’ll keep that going until we feel all the way through P-A-U-S-E. Through this game, Akilah and Domari will engage you beyond the moment to feel the PAUSE as an experience. So make some tea, pull out your dedicated pause pad, and join us for a 70-day journey of affirmations and reflections in the ecology of Raising Free People. Do you want to play with us?

Season’s 8 flow - Raising Free People Card Deck

Akilah pulled a card from the Raising Free People practice decks:

  • AUTONOMY: Take up space, let them take up space too, practice allowing yourself and them to take up space. Work it until it invites boundaries that work.

The set of Raising Free People Card Deck is available now, click here to order it.

Season Witnesses: We are working together to offer bridgework for folks in the philanthropic world.

What is a witness? Our witnesses want to be part of the Unschooling Liberation movement by investing dollars and time with Akilah. Some witnesses give general-use funds, while others want to take care of something specific for us. For them, dollars are not an issue. They want to support the work and be part of the movement and its impact. Akilah speaks about the 100-day project for witnesses that will begin in summer. Shout out to Hill Larson who is our witness this season. We’ll be speaking more about that in our Make it Happen family in the coming weeks.

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