Fare of the Free Child

Ep 254: Listening Party for ‘E. for Exploration

June 04, 2022 Akilah S. Richards Season 8 Episode 254
Fare of the Free Child
Ep 254: Listening Party for ‘E. for Exploration
Show Notes

Grief. Avoidance. Funky energies. We’re wrapping up Season 8 with all kinds of feelings in the mix. How do we embrace or transform these feelings as they arise? That’s the pausewerk, and this week we arrive at E, for Exploration.

“Noticing your behavior in that moment is about noticing that moment, which is really powerful. It grounds you in the now.” Akilah encourages us to trust the wisdom that emerges from a pause, and Domari shares a story speaking to this experience.

Domari reminds us that pausewerk is deschooling work. It’s the little moments where we stop to notice ourselves in our environment. But in what ways might this be a privilege? In what ways might this be radically transformative? How can pausewerk shape the way that we treat ourselves and others in community?

Why we pause

We are pausing from colonial habituation. We are pausing from autopilot. We are pausing to give ourselves undivided attention and to identify our needs.

“Definitely deep emotions this week…because I see myself sitting at this intersection where my liberation work is always about being in relationship with, not free from.” - Jonie

Around this gem, Akilah reflects on how it might feel to gather yourself and be in relationship with that emotion, embrace it, and learn to be ok with it.

Domari recalls a moment when she navigated an opportunity to pause and pivot: “I did [it], and I didn’t die.” Jonie (our wonderful Listening Party regular) validated how threatening a pause can feel: “this all can feel like negotiations with our survival sometimes.” Transformation ain’t easy! But we’re embracing the practice with open questions.

Madd Question Askin’ …

  • What system, patterns, or habits do you want to stick to or pivot away from?
  • Why pause? When to pause?
  • Why do we choose what we choose? Why do we feel the way we feel about it?
  • What might feel good to begin re-imagining?
  • How might it feel to spend more time focused on yourself and your interests as opposed to what your children are not learning?
  • What are you trusting right now?
  • What brings you back to notice what is impacting you?
  • What keeps you grounded?
  • What makes you proud about your children?

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We’ll be away for a while but you will hear from us in-between seasons, so stay tuned with Raising Free People Network for more resources and surprises.

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