Fare of the Free Child

Ep 261: Communal Care Ain’t Separate from Business Here!

December 25, 2022 Akilah S. Richards / Chemay Morales James / Naazneen Mookadam Season 9 Episode 261
Fare of the Free Child
Ep 261: Communal Care Ain’t Separate from Business Here!
Show Notes

Ahhh….what an accomplishment! Our penultimate season reaches it’s finale… and ya’ll what a season it has been!!

Manifestation, magic, bridges, money as a tool, and the community that is MRM Village! We talk about how networking is actually all about creating community and linking up with folks who are willing to support each other’s missions.

  • Chemay talks about her intuition-led path to MRM’s updated business model that centers relationships, not dollars!
  • We learn how Chemay and Vanessa concepted their current STAR model in the Village.
  • We ear-witness Chemay’s passion for bringing SDE into every part of life and reimagining the work we do in the world.
  • We name the real FLOW chart of entrepreneurship: The pivot! Nothing is certain, everything will FLOW as it must and morph into iterations of the idea until it forms into what works best for the people involved

This conversation brings so much to the fore and it’s so important to bring these topics to the table and unpack things like: Intuitive work, embodiment, trusting the unknown, making space for what is to come, anti-hustling, and seeing that work is life and life is work.

As we close, we honor the energy of entrepreneurship, and we commit to the continual deschooling of it as one way of supporting the next generation in shifting the hustle-hard-at-all-cost lens they learned from us. Now, we choose to build a bridge for them to walk out of those old models into ways and modes of being that are more aligned with abundance culture, devoid of shame or guilt around money, and filled with mindful intentional and trust for the process.

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