The Human Design Podcast

#181 - May 2022 Transits Update

April 26, 2022 Episode 181
The Human Design Podcast
#181 - May 2022 Transits Update
Show Notes

In this episode, we take our monthly dive into the Transits for the month ahead, as always joined by the amazing Jenni Crowther

Today’s format follows the reflection on the transits of the past month, before looking at the month ahead and breaking with tradition there’s a theme for the May transits update which is Intentional Thought, Speech and Action.

I hope that you enjoy this huge monthly regular as much as I do recording with Jenni. Grab yourself a cuppa of your choice and settle in.

There’s also a beautiful quote that Jenni shares, from her own Yoga teachers book, which I know you’re going to love!

Big Love, Mxx


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