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with Anthony Davis

The daily newscast that matters. Five Minute News is an independent production, covering politics, inequality, health and climate - delivering unbiased, verified, and truthful world news, daily. Listen with your preferred podcast app, streaming service or smart speaker. You can enable Five Minute News as your Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing skill. Please follow us on Twitter and support us on Patreon. Thank you.

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Trump lawyers argue 'flimsy' impeachment case.January 21, 2020 Episode artwork Davos chief welcomes views of Trump & Thunberg.January 20, 2020 Episode artwork White House violated law in freezing Ukraine aid.January 18, 2020 Episode artwork Microsoft to be ‘carbon-negative’ by 2030.January 17, 2020 Episode artwork Russian PM and entire government quit.January 16, 2020 Episode artwork EU pressures Iran to save Nuclear deal.January 15, 2020 Episode artwork Ocean temperatures hit record high.January 14, 2020 Episode artwork Iranians protest over plane shootdown.January 13, 2020 Episode artwork 737Max 'designed by clowns' say Boeing emails.January 11, 2020 Episode artwork ‘Highly likely’ Iran downed Ukrainian jetliner.January 10, 2020 Episode artwork The 'most prolific rapist' in UK history jailed for life.January 08, 2020 Episode artwork John Bolton willing to testify in impeachment trial.January 07, 2020 Episode artwork Iran abandons nuclear limits after US drone strike.January 06, 2020 Episode artwork New Iranian general steps out of Soleimani’s shadow.January 05, 2020 Episode artwork Iran vows to respond for Soleimani killing.January 04, 2020 Episode artwork Lebanon receives Interpol notice for ex-Nissan fugitive.January 03, 2020 Episode artwork Netanyahu asks for immunity from prosecution.January 02, 2020 Episode artwork New Year Special. A new decade is ushered in.January 01, 2020 Episode artwork Truck bomb kills at least 90 in Mogadishu.December 29, 2019 Episode artwork Russia deploys Avangard hypersonic missile system.December 28, 2019 Episode artwork Netanyahu claims victory in party leadership election.December 27, 2019 Episode artwork Giuliani attacks George Soros as 'hardly a Jew'.December 25, 2019 Episode artwork Boeing fires CEO Dennis Muilenburg.December 23, 2019 Episode artwork Wildfires continue to rage across Australia.December 22, 2019 Episode artwork Boris Johnson points to harder Brexit in Queen's speech.December 20, 2019 Episode artwork