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October 01, 2022 Tony Mendez, Zoilo Garcia Season 3 Episode 49
Tu Generacion - Poder 102.1FM
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Ashley Kalus participa en la serie de entrevistas El Candidato Responde en Poder 102.1 FM

Ashley Kalus aspira a ser electa Gobernadora de Rhode Island. Esta entrevista fue realizada el 31 de Agosto, 2022

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Ashley Kalus

Like most Rhode Islanders, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I came from humble beginnings. My mother showed my sister and me what a strong, independent woman could accomplish when she found herself single and divorced by the time I was five. Undeterred by her circumstances, she started and built a successful business, achieving the American Dream and providing a better life for her children. Growing up, she instilled in me the importance of hard work and fighting for what you believe in — values I cherish to this day.

I was blessed to meet my husband, Jeff, here in Rhode Island, and we were engaged in Providence in 2008. Jeff, the son of a Holocaust survivor, trained at Brown University in surgery and started his practice at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. His focus was treating and operating on children with complex craniofacial anomalies and cleft lips and palates. Seeing first-hand the challenges these kids face, as well as the expenses incurred by their families, our non-profit foundation, Komedyplast, was started in Rhode Island in 2004. Komedyplast provides free surgery for children with craniofacial anomalies throughout Peru. While we had originally hoped to start our family in Providence, student loans, the financial crisis, and high taxes forced us to look for opportunities elsewhere.

Over the last 14 years, we created a health care business, had three beautiful boys, and returned to Rhode Island to raise our family. Together, Jeff and I have worked hard, adapted to the challenges before us, and never gave up. While it wasn’t always easy, I learned some very important life lessons along the way. Many nights I would stay awake worrying about making payroll so my employees could pay their mortgages, rent, utilities, food, and healthcare. It is a heavy burden to bear, but my passion for solving problems, helping people, and my gratitude to my employees drove me to be able to provide for my team and build my business. I believe this experience of starting from nothing, building that business, and helping others achieve their own success makes me a different kind of leader — a leader that will bring these skills with me to the state capitol as we fight to better the lives of Rhode Islanders.

Like most working folks in the Ocean State, I understand the value of a dollar and appreciate a hard-day’s work. I started working at a pizza shop when I was only 15. I have been a hostess, a waitress, a barista, and worked retail — working two jobs and still struggling to make it financially — an experience far too many Rhode Islanders still face today. As we take this journey, I will never forget my roots. And as a former Golden Gloves boxer, I am a fighter, and I will be the people of Rhode Island’s champion.

My life has been dedicated to education and community service, and I will bring that same passion to Rhode Island. I will fight to ensure that parents can send their children to the best schools possible, I will fight to keep more money in Rhode Islander’s pockets by lowering their tax burden, I will fight for pro-job policies to spur economic growth, and most importantly, I will fight for the people o

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