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GP Soccer Podcast World Cup Show!

December 13, 2022 Giovanni Pacini Season 7 Episode 15
GP Soccer Podcast
GP Soccer Podcast World Cup Show!
Show Notes

Welcome to the GP Soccer Podcast World Cup Show! Host Giovanni Pacini has put together an outstanding panel of experts to discuss all things World Cup and in particular the USMNT. This outstanding group includes the following-

Rob Ellis... UEFA B licensed coach who works for Chelsea FC and is the author of the book- "The Soccer Coaches Toolkit".
Paul Robinson... UEFA B and FA Youth licensed coach and is the author of the book- "The Soccer Sessions Book; 87 Prepared Practice Sessions for Coaching Youth Players".
Marcus Walfridson... UEFA A licensed coach and author of the book- "Lessons from the Beautiful Game: How to become a More Effective Coach".
Renato Capobianco... Head Mens Soccer Coach at Regis College in Weston, MA and served as the Team Administrator for the USMNT 1994 team. 

The very popular GP Soccer Podcast continues to feature expert guests, outstanding commentary, and high-quality information for all those involved in the game. With the World Cup well under way, host Giovanni Pacini will be offering insightful analysis as well as from the noted expert guests. Listeners are encouraged to be GP Soccer Podcast super spreaders by sharing the show among those within their social media network! Those interested in advertising on the GP Soccer Podcast can contact the show at

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Enjoy the show!