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Ep 9 | Hugging Pokemon, Booze, and Abs
August 02, 2016 Sabrena Jo and Matt Scanlon
Sabrena and Matt open the show designing the perfect hugging study. Then we make Pokemon predictions, which divulges into a more philosophical discussion on safety, reality, and intrinsic activity. Then, we decide to revisit some of our most popular topics over the last year with fresh ears. Specifically: Alcohol - does it have a place in athletic life? How does our body handle it? How can we approach alcohol while maintaining a reasonable nutrition program? Will exercise help me lose weight? - By far one of our most popular topics. We talk about what the research says and attempt to re-frame the question from a more behavioral approach. How to get abs - Another popular episode. We dissect the history of abdominal fixation and, hopefully, provide a little reprieve from all the pressure to “do abs”.
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