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Ep 24 | Autism Mythbusting PT 2 - the Nick Cage edition
November 15, 2016 Jason Travers, Billy Skorupski, Sabrena Jo, Matt Scanlon
In the second of a 2 part series, we’re joined once again by Jason Travers. We chose to bring Jason into the studio after coming across his paper “Evaluating Claims to Avoid Pseudoscientific and Unproven and Unproven Practices in Special Education”. You can request a full copy of the paper here: Among other things, in this episode we cover: -What is (and is not) autism -Why does it seem like there is so much more autism? What causes it? Is there an autism epidemic? -Are changes in food (e.g., GMOs), nutrition, or “toxins” contributors to the increased prevalence of autism? -Is there evidence that special diets are effective for alleviating symptoms associated with autism? -What health-related pseudoscience is commonly used for autism (vitamins/supplements, anti-fungals, chelation, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, MMS/Bleach consumption and enema)? -Is there evidence that exercise is effective for alleviating autism symptoms? -What other methods have been demonstrated effective? -How can stakeholders distinguish between scientifically validated intervention (i.e., evidence-based practices), controversial/experimental interventions, and completely bogus interventions?
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