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Ep 54 | A CrossFit Discussion then Scanny Loses It
June 13, 2017 Sabrena Jo and Matt Scanlon
We open the show re-visiting a previous listener question about getting a client to perform a better squat. We discuss the difficulties of eccentric loading which brings up a chat about the recent pec tears in the CrossFit Games Regionals competitions. This brings us to a general discussion of CrossFit’s place in the fitness industry. We go on to answer another listener question about clients’ resistance to science and evidence. This brings up a discussion about how past feelings can sometimes impact our ability to think impartially. Sabrena brings in an article about Orthorexia Nervosa - a condition related to obsessive behavior around “health” eating and habits. And, Scanny shares - very uncensored - how he really feels about the snake oil salespeople in health, fitness, and wellness. Share with a friend, subscribe, and throw us a review. Thanks for listening!
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