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Ep 59 | Water Crystals, Bob Dylan, and Caffeine Pills
July 18, 2017 Sabrena Jo and Matt Scanlon
Sabrena and Matt open the show talking about their favorite music and whether we like artists because we like their music or we like the artists’ place in history. Sabrena shares her recent search for a fitness podcast to only find pseudoscience BS selling crystal water vitamins. We go on to chat about a recent special edition of Time Magazine “The Science of Exercise” in which Sabrena was quoted on the various health benefits of exercise, walking specifically. The main idea of this show relates to a general understanding of science. We give a few examples to arm the listener with tools to detect whether sometime is actually rooted science or pseudoscience. Listener questions/comments: Women sweat during workouts, Jessie Spano took CAFFEINE pills, not diet pills, and the role of the family in public health policy. Please send us your questions via Facebook, leave us a review, and tell a friend!
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