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Ep 66 | Sabrena Getting Spicy on Plant-Based Diets
September 05, 2017 Sabrena Jo and Matt Scanlon
This week we return to our discussion about vegetarianism and veganism. This time we ditch the criticism of fad vegetarianism coming off the heels of the scientifically suspect documentary "What the Health" and approach it from a more helpful stance. How can those opting for plant-based diets from a religious and moral standpoint maintain an optimally healthy intake of macro- and micro- nutrients absent the consumption of meat? After looking through some research we arrive at the conclusion that plant-based diets are: 1. Not inherently healthy 2. They CAN be healthy, and 3. It is harder to adopt a healthy plant-based diet than a healthy omnivorous diet, but it can be done. Thanks for listening, sharing with a friend, and leaving us a review!
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