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Ep 73 | Dealing with Stress, Increasing Range of Motion, and Depression Linked to Vegetarianism
October 24, 2017 Sabrena Jo and Matt Scanlon
We open today's show discussing some experiences we've had with clients we've trained over the years. We focus on two different barriers people most often experience - motivation and stress/time management.

We explore some interesting new fitness studios popping up that feature personalized stretching sessions with "flexologists." This leads us to ask the question: does passive stretching actually do anything? What does work?

Lastly, we re-visit an old topic of plant-based diets with a study that shows a link between depression and plant-based diets. We re-iterate the importance of getting regular blood work done when adopting fringe dietary protocols and Scanny shares some tips when navigating the healthcare system as it relates to these tests.

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