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Ep 74 | Before and After Pics, Mindfulness, and Putting Supplements on Blast
October 31, 2017 Sabrena Jo and Matt Scanlon
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In today’s episode we re-visit a previous discussion on bariatric surgery, discuss some ways we practice mindfulness, and call out the irresponsible ways that dietary supplements market themselves.
1. Can dudes use makeup to cover up zits? 

2. We look at a great before/after picture from a listener who lost nearly 100 pounds
3. Scanny talks about new ways he’s practicing mindfulness and meditation
4. Sabrena refuses to taste kombucha because of her absurdly long window after brushing her teeth.
5. Scanny talks about selling supplements in a gym and chatting with people about what’s actually inside.
6. What’s actually in your post-workout “recovery” drink? What should you be aiming to consumer from a macro-nutrient perspective?
7. What do we think about Shakeology as a plant-based protein source? What’s in it? How do we look at the label?
8. Scanny teaches the listeners how to get rich with a supplements; how are all supplement companies started?
9. Sabrena digs into the label of a Shakeology drink
10. We give suggestions on how to get the same nutritional benefits from expensive supplements at a fraction of the cost - even a plant-based, vegan option.
11. Scanny teaches how to evaluate a supplement label and decide whether or not you actually need it in your nutrition plan based upon your goals and eating habits.
12. Are there instances where we should take supplements not because of what they do, but because we like the taste?
13. Scanny shares some of the instances where he was duped in to purchasing unnecessary supplements.
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