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Ep 75 | The Traveling Circus and the Sugar Study

November 07, 2017
Tonos Radio
Ep 75 | The Traveling Circus and the Sugar Study
Tonos Radio
Ep 75 | The Traveling Circus and the Sugar Study
Nov 07, 2017
Sabrena Jo and Matt Scanlon
We look at a recent study linking sugar to cancer cell reproduction.
Show Notes
Buckle up, friends. We go deep today.
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1. Sabrena shares an interesting tidbit about her family and her past that we’re all learning for the first time.
2. We chat about athleticism in entertainment - circus and ballet, specifically.
3. We dig into a recent viral 9-year Study on Refined Sugar and Cancer
4. What is the nature of science and “break-throughs”?
5. How was the study conducted? What was actually tested? What statements can we make as a result of the findings?
6. How does science intersect with human emotion? How do we reconcile the slow-moving pace of science with the reality that people are living with real diseases that threaten their lives?
7. Scanny shares some stories that illustrate this tension between evidence and human beings, our environment, and our emotions.
8. Are there instances where it is OK to over-state the threat of things like sugar? When is acceptable and when is it disingenuous?
9. How do we interact with substances that aren’t “bad” for us - like water, cardiovascular exercise, driving, or sugar - but also have the ability to kill us? What are we to do with this dichotomy of life?
10. Are we better off ignoring the realities of life? Should we shield ourselves and society from these dichotomies? Are we less human by avoiding the complexities of life? Will we lose our ability to adapt to difficult circumstances?
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