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Cosmic Energies

Alease & Tia

Alease and Tia’s partnership began in 2007. Alease’s healing water (Pisces) was the perfect match for Tia’s trailblazing fire (Aries). Alease imagines the most vivid dreams from a higher realm. Tia is able to interpret these vivid dreams and execute them in the physical realm. This union continues to manifest the unimaginable. Their next venture is to serve humanity on a global scale. But first, they must delve deep into their shadows to heal and free themselves. This bravery will break generational curses and empower every being that crosses their path. Alease and Tia will discuss everyday topics that we all experience, but are afraid to speak on. For example, addiction, mental illness, irrational fears, and giving your power away to others- just to name a few. The key is to become aware of ourselves in order to discover our life’s purpose. The pair is creating a network to meet the needs of the “underdog”- Whatever that means to you. They will require the support of the community to carry out their life purpose to serve.

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