Shirley Robertson's Sailing Podcast
Series 1 - Ep12b - Iain Percy Part 2
Shirley Robertson's Sailing Podcast
Series 1 - Ep12b - Iain Percy Part 2
Apr 01, 2020 Season 1 Episode 14
Shirley Robertson

This is the second part of multiple Olympic medallist Iain Percy's chat with Shirley Robertson, and is a candid and revealing discussion between to ex Team GB team mates who have known each other for decades.

In Part 1 Iain discussed growing up ailing in the golden age of British Youth Sailing, regularly competing against the likes of Ben Ainslie, Chris Draper and close friend Andrew Simpson.

In Part 2, the pair move on to discuss the America's Cup, and Iain's move to Swedish 'Team Artemis Racing'.  It was of course during the build up to the 34th America's Cup in San Francisco that Andrew Simpson tragically lost his life in a sailing accident.  It's a tragedy that has obviously effected Iain greatly, and here the pair fondly share their memories of the generous and giving 'Bart' in an emotional discussion about their friend and what he brought to the British Sailing Team.

But Percy and Robertson also discuss the importance of the Andrew Simpson Foundation, a sailing foundation created in Bart's memory to continue the generous work and time he put in inspiring children around the world to take up sailing.

In 2017 Iain Percy was team principal at Team Artemis Racing, finalists in the Challenger Series of the 35th America's Cup in San Francisco.  Iain speaks openly about his time in the Cup, as well as revealing how today, his determination to continue the momentum of the Cup team has led him to form Artemis Technologies, a company taking the technological advancements forged in sailing and applying them further afield.

This two part podcast is an intimate discussion between two old friends and team mates, and is a revealing look at the professional life of one of British Sailing's most inspiring talents.

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