Episode 33: Keeping it CLASSE with Linda Saenz

May 28, 2021 Lauren Crawford Season 3 Episode 33
Episode 33: Keeping it CLASSE with Linda Saenz
Show Notes

Welcome to The SOCIAL Code podcast!
We interview the talented, happy, and hardworking Linda Saenz owner of Classe Dance Company located right here in the DMV.  Linda is a world known international dancer and instructor, born in Peru, and now lives in the DC area in the US.  For this episode we wanted to get to know Linda and hear her viewpoint on categorizing skill levels, heals vs flats for ladies, her newest empowerment program, and how nutrition and fitness helps her in her performances and hours of teaching. We adore her honest approach on how she teaches and runs her business and we encourage you to take some lessons/classes with her to really elevate your own dancing! 

Here is how to find Linda and more...
Instagram: @classedancecompany

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