The Sweetest (and Toughest) Job

Navigating the Role of Stepmom with Tracy Poizner

November 12, 2020 Rachel Olson/Tracy Poizner Season 3 Episode 51
The Sweetest (and Toughest) Job
Navigating the Role of Stepmom with Tracy Poizner
Show Notes

Tracy Poizner is a parenting coach and the host of the weekly Essential Stepmom Podcast. She is a biological mom and a stepmom and has been through it all, from long-distance parenting to parental alienation, legal difficulties, mental health issues, total loss of contact and full-time physical custody. After finding the light at the end of the tunnel, she wanted to share her experiences with others who were still behind her on the same path. Tracy has a special perspective on emotional healing and how to meet our own personal needs as stepmoms in the everyday chaos of this challenging lifestyle. She helps stepmoms and families minimize conflict and disruption in their lives and find calm, peace, harmony, gratitude, respect and affection and achieve justice in the face of divorce and custody conflicts. Find out more about Tracy at

Highlights from this episode include:

  • What if you don’t love your step kids?
  • Blending families - navigating step kids and having children of your own
  • Dealing with differences in parenting after divorce
  • The emotional journey kids go through when they gain a step-parent
  • Staying grounded and finding positivity during relational transitions

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