The Sweetest (and Toughest) Job

Connecting With Your Baby Through Music with Vered Benhorin

February 11, 2021 Rachel Olson/Vered Benhorin Season 4 Episode 62
The Sweetest (and Toughest) Job
Connecting With Your Baby Through Music with Vered Benhorin
Show Notes

Becoming a mother is life altering and really does lead to a rebirth in Moms.  Vered shares her personal journey and how she made her way back to music through motherhood and how she is now helping families connect with their babies through the magic of music.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • Why lullabies are important for both babies and parents
  • Using your voice and music to soothe
  • Why you should give mirroring vocals a try
  • A fun tip to help get you through the “witching hour”!

Connect with Vered: 

IG: @babyintune 

Facebook: Baby In Tune

You Tube: Baby In Tune

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Vered is a musician, music therapist, founder of Baby in Tune, and mom of 3. She teaches parents of babies how to use music to speak their baby’s language, get more sleep, and have more fun. When she had her first baby eleven years ago, she struggled with nursing issues, felt overwhelmed and utterly exhausted all the time. In a moment of frustration she pushed herself to sing to her baby. Through the immediate soothing that she and her baby BOTH felt, and the connection that developed between them, Baby in Tune was born. Vered uses her natural ability to write songs that give words to the experience of parents and babies, combined with her passion for blending music therapy techniques with concepts from psychology, to help thousands of parents feel like they know what they’re doing. 

When she is not leading classes or training instructors, Vered can be found lecturing at conferences such as Zero to three, and doing staff trainings at organizations such as Sanctuary for Families. Her three award winning albums for families can be found on Spotify/Amazon/itunes. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and three kids, who brought her back to music through motherhood.

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