The Sweetest (and Toughest) Job

Encouraging Responsibility in Young Children with Somer Loomis

May 06, 2021 Rachel Olson/Somer Loomis Season 4 Episode 73
The Sweetest (and Toughest) Job
Encouraging Responsibility in Young Children with Somer Loomis
Show Notes

Somer is the Chief Content Officer and living proof of the results for Raising Families, an organization co-founded by her mother and step-father dedicated to transforming parents from exhausted managers of their to-do lists to inspired leaders of their family teams. Raising Families has helped hundreds of parents with children of all ages to engage more deeply and intentionally, identify and implement their values into daily life, and create a specific plan of action to raise children with the skills and confidence to be successful adults.

Highlights from the episode include:

  • The importance of defining what you want responsibility to look like in your household
  • How to introduce responsibility actions to toddler ages 1-3 and ages 4+
  • The mindset and framework to encourage responsibility
  • Why rewards systems in association with responsibility is problematic

 In her downtime, Somer can be found laughing a little too loudly watching episodes of Schitt's Creek or occasionally designing homes for friends and family as she is a licensed architect (her career before joining Raising Families.) Somer lives in Southern California with her husband and 4-year-old son.

Connect with Somer:


Pintrest: Raising Families

Website: Raising Families

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