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86 - Authenticity w/ Pete Rezac
September 05, 2016 Photobomb - Photography Podcast
Portrait photographer Pete Rezac joins Gary and Booray via Skype to talk about his portrait style, how he came up with it and how being authentic has shaped his creative vision. See some of Pete's classic sports portraits on the Photobomb Facebook Page: See Gary speak live at Exposed this september, visit for more information. See Booray present his all new program, The 5 Minute Photographer in Massachusetts. Visit for more details. Download all episodes and get the latest news from, send your questions, comments and topics to You can be in the audience for a live taping of the show at FOCUS 2016 on September 11, 2016. Visit for more details. Check out the website of this week's guest, Pete Rezac, If you have a crazy story from a wedding, portrait or any other shoot send us an email at and we might read your story on the show. photography podcast, photography, podcast for photographers, gary hughes, booray perry, photobomb podcast, pete rezac
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