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90 - The Bunny Ranch
October 03, 2016 Photobomb - Photography Podcast
This week Gary’s assistant Dereck is back in the studio as the boys discuss the ancient art of negotiation. Inspired by a recent article about Nevada’s famous Bunny Ranch, Booray looks for correlations between the world’s oldest profession and the photography business. For all the episodes and news visit Follow Photobomb on Facebook for photography news stories, episode backgrounds and more on our guests. Get in touch by sending an email to or send us a message through the Facebook page. Get free shipping and a set of speedlite gels with any order from XP Photo Gear when you use the code “light” at checkout. Only available from To purchase a signed copy of Gary’s book, Photographing Headshots, visit If you want to spend a week shooting, drinking wine and exploring in Tuscany visit photography podcast, podcasts for photographers, photography, gary hughes, booray perry
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