The Only Way Is Up

Avital Bayer & Yarin Weltsman - HiPItched & Hashcreative - Inspiring and Promoting Change

February 10, 2020 Avital Bayer & Yarin Weltsman Season 1 Episode 33
The Only Way Is Up
Avital Bayer & Yarin Weltsman - HiPItched & Hashcreative - Inspiring and Promoting Change
Show Notes

Yarin Weltsman is originally from Johannesburg South Africa, she is an award winning UX designer and innovator that focuses on a human-centric approach to translating ideas into tangible strategies and offerings.

Yarin has consulted local startups and global clients such as Barclays Bank, Tech Stars and Google’s Leadership Institute.

Yarin holds a Masters Degree in Design, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and thrives at the intersection of design / tech / strategy.

In collaboration with all stakeholders, Yarin discovers insights and opportunities in order to develop a strategy that will help define the identity of your products and services and emotionally resonates with your target audience to be translated into all digital and marketing assets.

Avital Bayer was born in London and moved to Israel in the summer of 2016. She combines her passion for technology and innovation to inspire and promote change. She founded HiPitched in 2018. The company focuses on compelling branding, strategy, design and scaling.

Prior to founding HiPitched, she was a Venture Scout in Israel for Founders Factory (UK), looking for start-ups with growth potential and before this was Head of Business Development for Venture Capital fund 83North (Greylock) where she worked on scaling and advising portfolio companies.

Prior to moving to Israel she served as the international liaison at the Israeli Embassy in London's Trade and Economic Division, raising capital and securing international partnerships for Israeli companies.

She sits on the Board of Advisors for Dreame, a technology company empowering the imagination through personalised, one-of-a-kind art. She is also a contributor to Humans in Finance, a global movement changing the face of finance through storytelling. 

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