Marketing Upheaval

Planable: Revealing Your Best Social Content Workflow

December 18, 2019 Creative Outhouse Season 1 Episode 25
Marketing Upheaval
Planable: Revealing Your Best Social Content Workflow
Show Notes

Hey everyone, this is Rudy Fernandez from Creative Outhouse. What a pleasure it was to speak with Xenia Muntean, the CEO of Planable. It's a content review and marketing collaboration platform. She had some sharp insights into how companies need to rethink how they get their social media content done. Like let's face it, social media can continue to be handled in a loose way. It's officially reached the grownup stage and requires the same type of processes and review is more established media and Xenia had some smart thoughts and solutions to that. I enjoyed her thinking and the conversation you will to check it out. Welcome to Marketing Upheaval.

Rudy Fernandez  0:47  

Welcome to Marketing Upheaval. My guest is Xenia Muntean, co founder of Planable, a social media collaboration and approval platform for agencies and large brands. She was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2019. She frequently speaks about social media content trends, including at Cannes. Xenia, is an expert on creating social media programs and has a lot of insights into content distribution and collaboration and how it could be better. So this is gonna be a great conversation. Thanks for joining me.

Xenia Muntean  1:19  

Well, thank you so much for inviting me as well. I'm excited to do this.

Rudy 1:23  

Well, first thing, before we talk about Planable, and social media content, you've had just, I think, an extraordinary meteoric career. I think you started your first social media company when you were still at university, I believe.

Xenia 1:39  

Yeah, that was an agency. So we're doing a lot of social media content production for our brands, and I started it during my second year of university.

Rudy  1:48  

So you started in Moldova, where you're from? And then went to Romania. And now it's just, it's just taken off.

Xenia  1:58  

Yeah, your research is very much on point.

Rudy  2:01  

Congratulations. So do you find that your age is a benefit when you approach new business? 

Xenia  2:11  

Yeah, that's a good question. I think, you know, in the beginning, I was thinking that people are going to oppose more to talking with me because I'm very young. I don't think it hurts anything. Because I'm building a software company. We are social media marketers, they are young as well. So I think it's even better. I think it helps. Because we're on the same page. You know, we are millenials. We don't like to work in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office. You know, we - they can resonate with me and my mission at Planable.

Rudy 2:48  

Yeah, that's right. I think the younger generations have a much better handle on it. 

Xenia 2:52  

Yeah, I agree. Yeah.

Rudy   2:54  

So tell listeners about Planable. Just so they know a little bit more about the company and what it does. 

Xenia   2:59  

So I started Planable, as you mentioned, after I had my own Social Media Marketing Agency, and I started the company together with my co founders, because all of us worked in the industry. And we were, frankly, a bit frustrated with how everyone was working in the industry. For the people that are not very familiar with how social media content planning happens....

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