Marketing Upheaval

Protect your IP and Cover Your Company From Legal Issues

February 19, 2020 Creative Outhouse Season 2 Episode 29
Marketing Upheaval
Protect your IP and Cover Your Company From Legal Issues
Show Notes

Hey, everyone, this is Rudy Fernandez from Creative Outhouse. If you're in marketing, Sharon Toerek is someone you want on your side. She's an attorney who specializes in legal challenges Marketing Agencies run into. For example, she talks about the kinds of legal documents you should have ready to go anytime you pitch or approach a new client, and where people in marketing make their biggest mistakes. This episode will make you ask questions like, “Hmm, if a freelancer does work for me, who owns that work?” Well, you know, if you don't have your legal agreements in order, you won't like the answer to that question. Sharon is also the host of the Innovative Agency Podcast, where she talks to the heads of agencies about the trends they see coming. As someone who's an expert in our industry without actually being in it, Sharon gives a unique point of view on what she sees happening. We'll check it out. Welcome to Marketing Upheaval.

Rudy: Welcome to Marketing Upheaval. My guest is , Sharon Toerek, founder of Toerek Law in Cleveland, Ohio, and host of the Innovative Agency Podcast. Sharon is an attorney who specializes in helping marketing and advertising people with legal issues such as intellectual property, social marketing, compliance, vendor relationship contracts and so on. Her podcast helps agency heads answer the question: What's next? And I was a guest on her podcast. So I'm very excited to turn the tables and ask her some questions. So thanks for joining me here.

Sharon: It's my pleasure. Yes, nice to be on this side of the microphone.

Rudy: So you're an attorney, but why the specialization in marketing?

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