Marketing Upheaval

How to Support Nature and Boost Healthy Communities

March 25, 2020 Creative Outhouse Season 2 Episode 32
Marketing Upheaval
How to Support Nature and Boost Healthy Communities
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Hey everyone, this is Rudy Fernandez from Creative Outhouse. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. I’ve been trying to figure out what to compare this pandemic to some other event for context and I can’t find one. this new territory for all of us. And like you I don’t know what’s next or what the other side of this looks like. All I know to do is keep moving forward. Keep doing the things I know how to do and look for ways I can use what I do to make other people’s lives better. 

No, there’s no blueprint on how to move forward in terms of business. But there are some things you can do to make sure your brand weathers this storm and continues to serve your employees and customers. I’ve written a  document entitled "Branding in a Time of  Disruption" that  you can read for free on our site. I  think you’ll find it helpful

 I Ling Matthews Thompson is herself a force of nature. She's the SVP and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at the Trust for Public Land. Her passion for the outdoors and what they mean to communities is evident in our conversation. Here's a clip about getting inner city children access to more parks.

See Trust for Public Land's tips for getting outside during this COVID-19 crisis here:

Welcome to Marketing Upheaval. My guest is I Ling Matthews Thompson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at the Trust For Public Land. I Ling has also held leadership positions at the Nature Conservancy and The Outdoor Industry Association. A good part of her career has been in getting more people to have access to parks and recreation, and getting our representatives to support that. We're going to talk about how to get more people to go outside and have more places to enjoy the outdoors.


Rudy: Let's start with the Trust for Public Land. They create parks and protect land for people. So how do they do that?

I Ling: Yeah, the Trust for Public Land has been around for about 47 years and one of the mainstays of our mission has been about connecting people to the outdoors by creating parks or open spaces, trails, protecting large scale forests and areas where people can get outside. Fast forward 47 years, we actually go into communities and create parks and open spaces. We are looking at how we can find open spaces and parks, in urban environments where real estate is at a premium and you can't really shoehorn in a park. So we're getting creative and we're looking at school yards that right now are barren asphalt. And we're working with school districts to transform those school yards into green vibrant areas where kids can play and the surrounding community is able to come out and enjoy those spaces. And we also work on creating access in some iconic national parks. ....So we do some pretty cool stuff. Yeah, I have to say, I'm excited to be here and be part of this mission.

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