Marketing Upheaval

Create Better Content and a Better Brand

April 09, 2020 Creative Outhouse Season 2 Episode 34
Marketing Upheaval
Create Better Content and a Better Brand
Show Notes

We're in another week of this paused world waiting to see what the future might bring. Today Jay Acunzo joins our show. Jay runs Marketing Showrunners and creates a lot of great content. It's especially appropriate now becuase none of us knows exactly what the "after" of all this will look like. And when you're in uncharted territory, that's when you need creative thinking. You need to ask the right questions that will inform smart decisions. And you need to remember and stay true to timeless principles rather than tactics and trends. Jay talks about all that. I wrote a short piece on it, here:
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Creativity solves problems and finds opportunities. And now is the time to get your creative minds going and make things that will make a difference. And this week's guest is a perfect person to talk to you about it. Welcome to Marketing Upheaval

I’m really excited to talk to Jay Acunzo. I've learned a lot just from the enormous amount of fantastic content he generates. Jay is the founder of runs Marketing Showrunners that teaches marketers how to make their own branded podcasts and video series. Before that Jay has been a leader at Google, ESPN, HubSpot and NextView, and started with just one podcast called Unthinkable. Now he produces six different series with hundreds of thousands of downloads. He's a sought-after speaker on marketing and has written a book called Breaking the Wheel. I've been looking forward to this conversation. 

Great Marketing isn’t about who arrives. It’s about who stays.

Rudy Fernandez: Thanks for joining us, Jay. You create a lot of content. Do you even sleep?

Jay: No, I would say no, but for a different reason. And that I have a one year old.

Rudy: Yeah, I can't believe how much great stuff you put out. And it's all it's all varied topics. But you have one consistent mantra, and that is great marketing isn't about who you attract. It's about who stays. Tell me about that philosophy 

Jay: I think we're living through a really interesting time. I don't know if this is a shift in reality or shifting our thinking or both. But the shift is marketing used to focus entirely on grabbing attention.

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