Marketing Upheaval

Cannabis Marketing: Optimizing a Brand in a New Category

April 15, 2020 Creative Outhouse Season 2 Episode 35
Marketing Upheaval
Cannabis Marketing: Optimizing a Brand in a New Category
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Hey folks, it’s another week of uncertainty and not great news. If ever we needed a holiday like April 20th, it would be this year. It's cannabis day. And even for those of us who don't partake, it may be a good day to just raise a glass or do whatever you do to relax just for a little while. The cannabis industry is truly unique is history, how it is regulated, the stigmas and perceptions. There's just nothing like it. 

Johnathan McFarlane has been a pioneer navigating these unexplored waters. He shares a lot about this booming multi-billion dollar industry that's just getting started. You're going to get a lot out of this episode.

Welcome to Marketing Upheaval. My guest is Johnathan McFarlane, Director of Strategy at Hybrid Marketing, a Colorado based marketing agency that specializes in the cannabis industry. Johnathan has a digital marketing background and also worked client-side as a CMO for a cannabis related manufacturer in Canada. We're going to talk about the cannabis industry.

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Listen for more insights on:
The Unique Cannabis Industry
Marketing in the Cannabis Industry
Marketing Restrictions
Social media and cannabis marketing
Optimizing creative marketing tactics
Federal legality of cannabis
Operational challenges
Cannabis industry growth
Cannabis Target Audiences
Target Audience: Senior Citizens
Cannabis vs. opioid use
Medicinal use vs. recreation
Cannabis vs. Alcohol use
Behavior change marketing in the cannabis industry
Cannabis industry stereotypes
The pothead stigma
Creative marketing strategies
Changing minds about cannabis
Brand differentiation in the cannabis industry
Unique characteristics of cannabis products
Cannabis and Inbound Marketing
Target Audiences: Bud Tenders
Target Audience: Amateur vs. Aficianado
Marketing in a new niche
Restrictions lead to creative thinking

f you liked this episode, don't hog it, pass it around, share it with friends. That's what it's for. Check out Hybrid Marketing and or Johnathan McFarlane at his LinkedIn profile. You can find out more at along with our previous episodes. Thanks to Susan Cooper for producing the show. To Gopal Swamy for creating our earcon and to Jason Shablik for always taking my calls when I have an audio question. And to you for listening and having such great taste in podcasts. Well, that's it for this episode of Marketing Upheaval. And remember, if the current state of marketing has you confused, don't worry. It will all change. See ya.


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