Marketing Upheaval

The Future of Healthcare Marketing: Launching a New Series of Episodes

June 12, 2020 Creative Outhouse Season 1 Episode 39
Marketing Upheaval
The Future of Healthcare Marketing: Launching a New Series of Episodes
Show Notes

Hey, this is Rudy Fernandez from Creative Outhouse. This mini episode will launch our new healthcare series. We all know that the COVID crisis has been devastating to providers. We’re going to talk about that in these episodes, but the crisis has also accelerated some much needed change. We’re going to talk about that, too. 

Most importantly I’m going to talk about where marketing for providers has been and where it needs to go. Most providers have marketing departments full of expert strategists and brilliant communicators. But for too long they are treated like order takers. Well, marketing folks, this is your time to shine and show what you can do. Because we are entering a new era in healthcare communications and the providers who are going to succeed moving forward will be the ones who embrace the new world in which marketing plays a vital role. It’s time for the marketing departments to demonstrate what they can do. And what that is, in many instances is as important as what the medical folks do. Yup I said that. Welcome to Marketing Upheaval.

Before I begin, here’s a quick plug if healthcare and healthcare marketing is your bag,  like mine check out some previous healthcare episodes, like our conversation about Public Health Marketing with Jana Thomas, our talk about the consumerization of healthcare with Miranda Madar and the two great episodes on role of providers in communities with the CMO of Bon Secours Mercy Health, Sandra Mackey (Part 1 and Part 2).  You can find those at So let’s get started.

I’ve been involved healthcare marketing for all of my career. And It is by far the most fascinating category. I love it. No industry goes through more changes, touches more lives, or has the that crazy mix of science and emotion two things you need for great creative, than healthcare.

Upheaval has been the norm in healthcare for the last several years. I would say it was in crisis before the crisis, and frankly providers were resistant to change. And then, COVID hit, and the healthcare industry found itself in uncharted waters, in a fog… with sea monsters everywhere…. And a hole in the boat.  I think I’ve extended that metaphor a little too far.

With providers struggling with how to get their procedures going and trying to figure out how they will proceed operationally, a lot of them think this is not the time to be marketing.  But I’d like to challenge that notion. In fact this is exactly the time. First let’s talk about what’s going on.

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I’m ready to see marketing within provider organizations take a bigger role and not only improve the patient volume, but the patient health and well-being as well.  If you are, too, reach out to us and let’s talk

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