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#001: Sacred Steve Adler: The Power of the Sacred Heart
September 26, 2015 Ronnie Landis
In this episode Integrative Nutrition Expert Ronnie Landis introduces the first interview of a series of remastered recordings from his previous 2013 podcast The Expanded Health & Human Potential Show. Sacred Steve Adler is the founder of Sacred Chocolate who pioneered the raw chocolate industry. Steve was a Stanford trained rocket scientist who was commissioned to work on the space program in the early 90's. He chose to turn away from that work and turn all of his attention to developing sacred chocolate and devoting his life to his self created "religion" which is the Ministry of the Sacred Heart. This is one of the most powerful and inspiring interviews Ronnie has ever been involved in and You will be blown away by the twists and turns this discussion takes you on. Get ready, fasten your seat, and embark on an adventure into the sacred heart! WHAT WE DISCUSS IN THIS INTERVIEW: HOW STEVE WAS INTRODUCED TO THE RAW FOOD MOVEMENT HOW STEVE WENT FROM ROCKET SCIENTISTS TO RAW CHOCOLATIER PIONEER THE POWER OF CHOCOLATE FOR THE HEART, BRAIN, AND SPIRIT THE SACRED MINISTRY OF LOVE WHY THE LOVE FREQUENCY CAN OVERRIDE SICKNESS AND DESPAIR HOW WATER EFFECTS HUMAN HEALTH WHEN WE PRAY WITH SINCERE INTENT HOW TO MAKE BETTER USE OF OUR MIND AND LEAD WITH OUR HEART And So Much More! Sacred Chocolate The Holistic Health Mastery Course Ronnie Landis
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