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011: Marcus Patrick: Being a Plant Based Super Hero
March 06, 2016 Ronnie Landis
Integrative Nutrition Strategist & Transformation Coach Ronnie Landis interviews Marcus Patrick. Marcus has had extensive careers as a model, actor, competitive fighter, fitness trainer, health coach, and professional dancer. Marcus had an awakening at 25 years old that consuming flesh foods was not appropriate for his health or his spiritual liberation. He since has been dedicated to a vegan lifestyle and has inspired thousands of people around the world to eat more raw and plant foods, super foods, exercise, and adopt a healthier and happier way of life. Marcus has been able to sustain and improve upon what some would consider a god like physique at the age of 40 and he seems to only be getting younger, happier, and more vibrant with time. WHAT WE DISCUSS IN THIS INTERVIEW: A LITTLE BIT OF ARROGANCE IS NECESSARY TO BLAZE A NEW TRAIL REFRAINING FROM ANIMAL FLESH FOR HUMAN POTENTIAL WHY SO MANY RAW VEGAN LEADERS DO NOT GLOW REVERSING THE AGING PROCESS BY PURIFYING YOUR LIFE PIONEERING WHATS POSSIBLE FOR HUMANKIND HUMAN CELLS ARE DESIGNED TO LIVE FOREVER THE WAY TO PERSONAL SUCCESS IS ALCHEMY WHY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD HOW TO BECOME A SUPER HERO IN YOUR LIFE AND SO MUCH MORE!
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