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#014: Marina Love: Awakening the Divine & Living in Natural Magic
March 16, 2016 Ronnie Landis
Integrative Nutritionist & Transformation Coach Ronnie Landis interviews Marina Love. Having studied from leading experts in brain/heart/mind/body science, energetic medicine, spirituality, herbalism, nutrition, shamanism, holistic beauty and wellness. Marina walks with a gift as we all do. We all have a gift and she will show you how to walk with it as most people are asleep and do things out of habit and conditioning rather than listening and responding to what their heart calls them towards. This path chose her, and she is excited to share what she knows with you in hopes to centre the mind in stillness, the body in breathe, and the heart in love. WHAT WE DISCUSS IN THIS INTERVIEW: OUR MUTUAL PASSION FOR CHOCOLATE WHY SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE CLOSED THEIR HEARTS HOW MARINA IS HELPING TO HEAL THE WORLD OF BROKEN HEARTS SUPERFICIAL SCIENCE IS NOT REAL LIFE IS NOT MATHEMATICAL, IT IS MAGICAL! HOW SHE OVERCAME EATING DISORDERS AND FEELING SICK IF YOU ARE NOT HEALTHY WEALTH MEANS NOTHING MARINA'S FLEXITARIAN STYLE DIET AND LIFESTYLE OUR DIET IS NOT A FASHION STATEMENT OR TREND THE PERPETUATION OF NEGATIVITY IN THE VEGAN MOVEMENT BEING ABLE TO ADAPT TO A CHANGING WORLD AND SO MUCH MORE! Marina Love: Ronnie Landis Website(podcast): The Holistic Health Mastery Program:
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