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#015: Dr. Roy Dittman: How to Cleanse, Nourish, & Detox Before Pregnancy
March 20, 2016 Ronnie Landis
Integrative Nutritionist & Transformation Coach Ronnie Landis interviews world respected Pregnancy and Child Development Expert Dr. Roy Dittman. Roy Dittmann, OMD, MH has dedicated his professional life to evolving an integral organic approach to prevent birth defects and optimize fetal brain development during the perinatal period – the most powerful time to impact human development. Dr. Dittmann’s interest in perinatal health began early in life. As a 10 year old, he saw up-close the devastating effects of pesticides on the children of exposed migrant farm workers in California’s central valley. This experience so impressed him that he committed his life to finding solutions for preventing birth defects. As early as the late-1980s, Dr. Dittmann forewarned health professionals and the public that our existing diet and lifestyle trends would lead to an exponential rise in autism, ADD, birth defects, and infertility. His Brighton Baby book series is designed to coach couples on how to reverse these trends and conceive, birth, and raise extraordinary children... organically. WHAT WE DISCUSS IN THIS INTERVIEW: HOW ROY GOT INTERESTED IN IMPROVING HUMAN POTENTIAL ROY'S PASSION FOR GIVING CHILDREN A GOOD START TO LIFE HOW MEN AND WOMEN CAN BETTER PREPARE FOR CHILD BIRTH 54% OF CHILDREN BORN TODAY HAVE SOME FORM OF HEALTH DISORDER WHAT DROVE ROY TO PURSUE THIS WORK AND WRITE HIS BOOK IF WE CANNOT HELP OUR CHILDREN MODERN SCIENCE IS USELESS WHY READING ROY'S BOOK IS CRITICAL FOR PRE-CONCEPTION UNDERSTANDING AUTISM AND THE MARKERS A MOTHER CAN CHECK FOR HER BABY WHY WE LIVE IN AN INFERTILE SOCIETY & WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT THE MAINSTREAM DECEPTION OF VACCINES, GMO'S, PHARMACUETICALS, COSMETICS, ETC. HEAVY METALS CONTRIBUTE TO SUPPRESSING HEALHTY GENETICS AND SO MUCH MORE! Dr. Roy Dittman: Ronnie Landis Website (Podcast): The Holistic Health Mastery Program:
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