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#022: Troy Casey: Saving the Planet, Building Wealth, & Living a Passionate Life
April 12, 2016 Ronnie Landis
Troy Casey was motivated as a Versace model, and actor, to take care of his assets he turned to holistic health, herbs and internal purification. then turned Amazon medicine Hunter in search of and now he can be found on youtube turning people on with Life affirmative messages with his thought provoking character CHN.,. He has 25 years of studies and practice into personal and planetary wellness. WHAT WE DISCUSS IN THIS INTERVIEW: HOW TROY WENT FROM MODELING HIS BODY TO MODELING HEALTH WHY HE IS SO PASSIONATE ABOUT SAVING THE RAINFOREST GOING FROM DRUG ADDICTIONS TO HEALTHY ADDICTIONS THE IMPORTANCE OF FINANCIAL HEALTH IN OUR LIVES HOW ALIGNING OURSELVES WITH OUR VALUES DISSOLVES STRESS WHAT KIND OF CONSCIOUSNESS IS DRIVING THE GLOBAL ECONOMY THE EVOLUTION OF HUMANITY FROM SELF ACCOUNTABILITY & INNOVATION WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A TRUE ENTREPRENEUR WHY THE TRADITIONAL EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IS DESIGNED TO FAIL WHY OUR PERSONAL SUCCESS IS CRITICAL FOR GLOBAL SUCCESS AND SO MUCH MORE! Troy Casey: Ronnie Landis: The Holistic Health Mastery Program:
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