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#025: Anna Bliss: Past Life Regression & Healing Our Wounds
April 26, 2016 Ronnie Landis
Born and raised in Europe, Anna moved to the United States as a teenager, where she quickly adapted to her new life and home. After graduating college she went on to pursue her childhood dreams of acting and modeling, which she did for many years after. During this time she felt spiritually unfulfilled, and so invested in her spiritual and creative endeavors, thus pursuing a path of Self-Realization. During her training as a Hypnotherapist in 2009, Anna delved deeper into her natural healing abilities which she was born with, and anchored her intuitive knowledge with certificates in Reiki and Theta energy healing, Emotional Healing Technique, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Past Life Regression therapy and specialized in manifestation coaching. In 2010 she graduated from the accredited Hypnosis Motivation Institute of Tarzana with a certificate in Hypnotherapy. Since then she has been seeing and helping people from all over the world, is leading workshops in Los Angeles and is fully committed to a career of holistic healing work. WHAT WE DISCUSS IN THIS INTERVIEW: WHAT IS QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS HOW ANNA BEGAN DOING PAST LIFE REGRESSION WORK THE POWER OF PAST LIFE HEALING FOR HEALING THIS LIFE YOU HAVE LIVED MULTIPLE LIFE TIMES BEFORE THIS ONE HOW PATTERNS ARE REPEATED UNTIL WE GET THE LESSON HOW TO TO IDENTIFY HIDDEN PATTERNS IN OUR SUB-CONSCIOUSNESS MIND WHAT IS SHADOW WORK & WHY IT IS IMPORTANT WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A FULLY INTEGRATED HUMAN BEING THOUGHTS & EMOTIONS CAN BE EITHER MEDICINE OR POISON TO OUR BODY HOW TO REALLY MANIFEST YOUR AUTHENTIC DESIRES AND SO MUCH MORE! Anna Bliss: Ronnie Landis: The Holistic Health Mastery Program:
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