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#046: Graham Jevon: Biological Nutrition & Your Authentic Life
July 30, 2016 Ronnie Landis
Graham Jevon is the UK’s leading Living Foods, Medifoods and Tonic Herb expert and its first and only Motivational Nutrition Strategist. With a strong scientific background, he is most passionate about sharing his positive approach to superfood nutrition and constantly pushing the boundaries of human longevity. It was Graham’s own struggle with weight loss and chronic allergy that first kick-started his interest in rawfoods, superfoods, medifoods and tonic herbs and it was the amazing results (Graham shed more than10 stone in just 6 months and cured his asthma and eczema simply by adopting a healthy approach to eating) that continues to fire his trademark enthusiasm today. WHAT WE DISCUSS IN THIS INTERVIEW: HOW HE BEGUN HIS HEALTH TRANSFORMATION HOW HE OVERCAME BEING OVERWEIGHT ON DRUGS TO CLEAR, CLEAN, AND HAPPY HOW A FEW SYNCRONICITIE'S LED GRAHAM TO HIS LIFE'S MISSION WHAT THE ROLE OF A HEALER OR COACH REALLY IS ALL ABOUT THE PHILOSOPHY OF BIOLOGICAL NUTRITION & NATURAL ADAPTATION INFORMATION IS ONLY USEFUL IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT VIBRATION HEALING FOR WHOLE BODY-MIND-SPIRIT TRANSFORMATION HOW OUR EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS EFFECT OUR PHYSICAL HEALTH WHY GRAHAM REMOVES DOGMA FROM HIS PHILOSOPHY & STUDIES HOW DISEASES SUCH AS CANCER HAVE THEIR OWN PERSONALITIES AND SO MUCH MORE!
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