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092 | Isabella Konold: The Muse of Agony & Ecstasy of Life
May 05, 2017 Ronnie Landis
Isabella Konold is a muse of the agony and ecstasy of life. She uses grit and guts to create raw, edgy performance art to light up the dark corners of herself and the world. She is fueled by the desire to get real, to reveal and to heal. Isabella is a performance artist, speaker, writer, director and producer, currently touring her One-Woman Show, A Pilgrimage of EmBODYment. She delivers a riveting unique style of Performance Keynote Speeches in the Entrepreneurial and Personal Growth space, Women’s Conferences and more intimate arenas that serve populations in the areas of addiction, sexual trauma and fertility. Isabella Konald: Ronnie Landis: The Holistic Health Mastery Program:
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