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094 | Mark Eisenhart: Redefining What is Possible (Special Episode)
May 21, 2017 Ronnie Landis
Mark A. Eisenhart was a Sponsored Athlete, Actor, Transformational Speaker, Model, and Spokesperson garnering international publicity on television, radio, and print having appeared on over sixty programs including The CBS Show The Doctors, The Jeff Probst Show, American Ninja Warrior, Real World and True Life on MTV, Leverage on TNT, and NBC's Grimm. His amazing transformation story has been featured in print and digital media publications including Veg News Magazine, on the cover of Super Raw Life, Vegan Health and Fitness, and several others. Mark was truly a heroic human being that had a powerful effect on so many people and he became a good friend of mine in a short amount of time. His life was tragedy cut short in February 16, 2014. This interview was recorded shortly before then and is a way of honoring his life and the message he dedicated his life too.
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