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117 | Angus Wilson & Violet Larsen: Empowering Music as a Way of Healing
October 15, 2017 Ronnie Landis
"Miss Violette is a budding duo that "marries" the unique and fascinating style of singer/songwriter and activist Violette Larsen with the musical direction and insight of acclaimed producer and writer Angus Wilson. On and off stage they commit their lives to the musical embodiment of love and truth through lyrics and melody, now starting off on a mission together to bring heart centered, impact driven music back to the main stream. This captivating couple will inspire you to sing louder, smile bigger, and find true love in all of life's moments, while they take you through a musical experience that is truly not to be missed." JOIN OUR FACEBOOK COMMUNITY PAGE | LEAVE A POSITIVE REVIEW TO SUPPORT THE PODCAST
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