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The Holistic Human Optimization Show
The Future of Food & Medicine with Raven CJ Liddle & Ronnie Landis
October 24, 2017 Ronnie Landis
Ronnie Landis is joined by long time friend and fellow health educator and activist Raven CJ Liddle from Hawaii. This conversations explores Raven's in-depth background in the health field and what she has learned that has a great benefit to all of our lives. Ronnie and Raven have joined forces on a project and super food producing company that not only produces high quality nutrient dense super food products but also provides a unique financial and business opportunity for those who are interested in it. Beyond that this conversation will bring you up to speed with the concept of food as medicine and medicine as food and share what we both believe is the true future of food and medicine in our world and how all of us can get on the same team and prepare for a major shift in our world health culture. High Quality Super Food Products (Receive $50 OFF your first order) - Use the coupon code humanpotential Contact Raven directly about this podcast & her unique opportunity: Leave a Positive Review for this podcast to help us reach millions of listeners worldwide:
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